DreamCart and DreamBox BlackFriday Sale!

DreamCart and DreamBox BlackFriday Sale!

You may have seen me rolling a white cart in many of my crafting videos. This cart is called the DreamCart. My DreamCart has created so much space in my craft room! It holds so many of my craft supplies and the best part is that it turns into a table! Since BlackFriday is just around the corner I thought it would be a good time to share my favorite features in case you want to check it out!

Extra Storage Space!

The DreamCart does not only have storage space in the front but it also has storage on the back as well! It comes with 6 adjustable wooden shelves. I used three in the front and 3 in the back. As you can see I was able to fit my cardstock, tshirt blanks, cricut easy press and some pens/acrylic blanks. My Easypress honestly used just lay around in my craft room with no permanent home so I always loosing it.


On Wheels!

One of my favorite features is that its on wheels so you can move it any where you want. I normally keep my DreamCart in a corner but whenever I am going to use my Easypress I move it around with me. 


Two table leaves!

The BEST Feature is that the DreamCart has two tables leaves! Meaning if you ever need extra table space you simply just open them up! 

This is my favorite feature because when I host craft night with my sisters we are constantly running out of table space. With the DreamCart we can always just roll it out,  open it up and have plenty of space for every one!


This BlackFriday the DreamCart will be $100 off! If you have been thinking about purchasing it now is a great time!

I honestly love CreateRoom so much I will personally be shopping their BlackFriday sale and purchasing a DreamBox! I have been wanting one for almost 3 years! This year's sale looks so good I decided I am going for it! I can not wait! Don't forget that you can actually signup to receive early access to the sale, the coupons will only be guaranteed for the first 100 customers so much sure to sign up! 

Make sure to use my code CRAFTYKARI_BF23 for $350 off the DreamBox!


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