Gender Reveal Sun glasses

Gender Reveal Sun glasses

My babies gender reveal is coming and I really wanted to hop on the sunglasses trend! 

I purchased these white heart sunglasses from amazon. I was originally going to just purchase blue and pink sunglasses but I didn't like the shades so my sister and I ended up using rhinestones! 

I used the rhinestones from Boss Babe Bling and they were stunning!

Look at how cute all these colors are! ahhh! Bling box from Boss Babe Bling

This was the first time my sister and I have ever rhinestoned anything and I was very surprised to see how fast the process actually was.

I was struggling to figure out what glue to use because I wanted to make sure you couldn't see the layer of glue once it dried. Thankfully Sorch Marker had actually sent me some of their new glue! The glue is called Makers Magic and it works amazing! It held up the rhinestones very well and was completely clear! 

Makers Magic

Lastly we used a quickstik to pickup the rhinestones. I had never ever used a quickstik before so I had no idea why every one loved quickstiks lol but oh man was it so useful! The quickstick picked up all the various sized rhinestones.

It was honestly so satisfying to see the entire process. We posted a video on IG and tiktok if you'd like to see it! I can't wait to see what we rhinestone next!



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