Sublimating mugs

Sublimation mugs is honestly my favorite item to sublimate!

I feel like mugs are the easiest item to sublimate and in my opinion one of the cheapest way to start sublimating! 

There are two ways in which you can sublimate on mugs. One by using a conventional oven or two buy using a cup press! When I first started sublimating on mugs I didn't realize you could start really cheap so I spent quite a bit of money. Now that I have been sublimating on mugs for some time I have found the cheapest way to do so I will be sharing that with you today!


Lets start with the items you need.

1. You are going to need sublimation transfers. The cheapest way to start is by purchasing the sublimation transfers from a sublimation shop. We actually do offer custom sublimation transfers! All you have to do is send your design and we will print it for you. You can always contact us at if you have any questions!

Orrrr you can purchase your own sublimation printer and ink! I will definitely be posting a blog on sublimation printers and ink soon. 

2. You are going to need a mug press.

There are so many great mug press options out there.

This was the first ever mug press I purchased. I purchased the 7 in one bundle because I knew I was going to be pressing mugs, 20 oz cups, 16 oz cups and shoot glasses! I actually loved this mug press so much that I now have two. This press does come in a few different bundles so make sure to check them out!

That being said, if you don't plan on sublimating shot glasses but would still like to press 20 oz cups and 16 oz cups I would recomending getting this press instead. I absolutely love this press for the color. It works great and it looks great in my craft room


Okay now lets talk about the cheapest option! I had no idea heatpressnation had such an affordable mug press! This press is literally $100!! How crazy! I wish I would've noticed it before and started with this one instead. Just keep in mid that you won't be able to sublimate 20 oz cups. But it is a great way to get started with sublimating mugs!


The last item you will need are mug blanks! I purchase all my mug blanks from HPN. I have found they sublimate well and have the best pricing. The main mugs I purchase are the 15 oz mugs. They are the ones I used for my sisters 15. I also like to purchase the 11 oz mugs when selling custom mugs. 


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for the mug heat press do you press only 11 oz mugs in the press ? or do you press 11 and 15 oz mugs in the same press? The 15oz link isn’t working but do you get the HPN signature 15oz mugs ? or do you get the dolphin or orca cups from HPN ? thank you looking forwards to pressing mugs


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