Sublimating on Glass Cans

Sublimating on Glass Cans

First of all I want to thank you so much for purchasing our Sublimation Glass Cans.

Let me show you the best way to sublimate on a glass can with my mug press.

You can use either a mug press or an oven which ever you prefer best!

Okay let’s get started. Print out your image from your sublimation printer.

In the mean time turn on your press and get it to 356 F. We are going to press the cup for 50 seconds.

(If you’re using the oven temperature: 385 F for 6-7 minutes)

Before I tape the image on to the cup I place the cup into the mug press so it can heat up to 356. If you don’t heat up your cup it will ghost because it wont reach 356 for 50 seconds. I have messed up so many cups because I put them in to the press cold and it takes longer to reach 356 F.

Take your cup out of the press and tape the image you want to sublimate. Now add a teflon sheet to your press so that you don’t mess up the element. Then place the cup in the press and make sure it heats at 356 F for 50 seconds.


Friendly reminder that the temperature and time might vary a bit depending on the press/oven you are using :)

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